Jobenomics City & State Initiatives

Jobenomics City & State Initiatives

By: Chuck Vollmer

26 November 2016

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develop business and job creation initiatives to mass-produce small businesses and jobs.  Emphasis is placed on demographics with the greatest need and potential—women, minorities, youth and socioeconomically distressed citizens.  Jobenomics New York City, Delaware and Baltimore City initiatives are underway with other city (Harlem, Phoenix) and state (North Carolina, Southern Maryland) efforts in progress.  Jobenomics is also developing a fourth national-level initiative dealing with Rural/Agricultural business and job creation.

  • Jobenomics New York City’s goal is for 1,000,000 net new jobs by 2026 in the five boroughs of New York City. Jobenomics New York City is led by a Harlem community leader who is also running for Mayor of New York City.  As a proof-of-principal project, the Jobenomics NYC team is implementing Jobenomics Harlem, one of the city’s most financially distressed neighborhoods. [1] An executive summary of Jobenomics New York City plan is included at the end of this document.
  • Jobenomics Baltimore City’s employment goal is for 100,000 net new inner-city jobs by 2026. Jobenomics Baltimore City is currently being led by a Commissioner of the Governors Workforce Investment Committee and inner-city Baltimore community leader. [2] An executive summary of Jobenomics Baltimore City plan is included at the end of this document.
  • Jobenomics Delaware’s employment goal is for 150,000 net new jobs by 2026 across the three counties and three major cities in Delaware. Jobenomics Delaware is led by a Dover business executive and community leader. [3]
  • Jobenomics North Carolina is currently evolving. An initial state-wide survey was accomplished by a team lead by the Executive Director of The North Carolina Center of Innovation Network and Chairman of the Accountability and Performance Committee of the NC Works Commission.  The initial state-wide survey examined four North Carolina counties and five cities as well as meeting with the Governor’s staff community leaders to determine levels of interest.[4]
  • Jobenomics Southern Maryland is currently involving under the leadership of a non-profit organization dedicated to employing disabled and special-needs citizens. The JSM goal is to create the maximum number of net new jobs in the tri-county region of Southern Maryland (Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties).
  • Jobenomics Phoenix is still in the formative phase. The initial focus of Jobenomics Phoenix is on establishing a Jobenomics Workforce Reentry Center with the goal of creating micro businesses and jobs for formerly incarcerated, gang members and at-risk youth.
  • Jobenomics Rural America is also still in the formative phase being led by group of community leaders dedicated to establishing micro-farming communities populated by primarily by veterans of the U.S. armed forces. These communities promotes a high-tech agricultural management strategy that incorporates micro-communities, micro-farming, organic agriculture (e.g., hydroponics and regenerative agriculture), home-ownership and sustainable careers.

Jobenomics Community-Based Business Generator Concept.  The way that government and big business can plan, manage and support small business and job creation is via community-based business incubators, business accelerators and business generators.

Business incubators tend to focus high-tech, silver bullet innovations that have extraordinary growth and employment potential.  Business accelerators focus on expanding existing businesses in order to make them larger and more profitable.  The Jobenomics business generator concept involves mass-producing small and self-employed business with emphasis on lower-tech but plentiful service-providing businesses at the base of America’s socioeconomic pyramid.  Many cities have business incubators, usually located at or around universities or technology parks, and business accelerators that are associated with mezzanine financing institutions.  Jobenomics is working with cities and states to create business generators to mass-produce startup small and self-employed businesses.

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