Goal: Creating 20 Million Jobs By 2020

Jobenomics - Goal: Creating 20 Million Jobs By 2020

Jobenomics 20 by 20 Campaign Plan

Jobenomics’ Plan for America has prescriptions for small, large, foreign and emerging technology jobs creation concepts and initiatives.  After sixty years of growth in America, jobs creation stopped.  The American economic engine lost almost a million private sector jobs in the last decade, compared to gains of 10 to 20 million new jobs in previous decades.  To get our economic engine running again, America needs to create a minimum of 20 million new private sector jobs by 2020 (20 by 20).  Jobenomics “20 by 20” Campaign is comprised of four business categories: Small & Self-Employed, Large, Foreign and Energy Technology Revolution.   The Small & Self-Employed Business category is largest with a goal of 10 million new private sector jobs by 2020.   The 20 by 20 goal for government is zero job growth.  Considering state budget crises, this goal should be relatively easy, since the bulk of government jobs are in state and local governments.  If the federal government imposed a no-growth policy, the total tax burden of government jobs could be reduced.

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