Goal: Creating 20 Million Jobs By 2020

Jobenomics - Goal: Creating 20 Million Jobs By 2020

Too Few Pay for Too Many

Too few pay for too many


Not counting government and government contract employees, 96 million are employed in the civilian workforce.  This workforce is financially responsible for 213 million people (178M non-working and 35M government) who depend on familial, government or retirement income.  Historically, families took care of families, but times have changed.  Nuclear families no longer represent the dominant American household.  Public assistance now often fills the gap.   Public assistance and public service have grown to unsustainable numbers.

  • 51 million people receive Social Security payments.
  • 45 million are Medicare beneficiaries.
  • 59 million receive some form of Medicaid.
  • 44 million receive food stamps monthly
  • 37 million fall below the poverty level.
  • 26 million are unemployed.





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