Goal: Creating 20 Million Jobs By 2020

Small Business Emphasis

Emphasis on Small and Self-Employed Businesses

The 20 by 20 goal for small, emerging and self-employed is 10 million.  This sector is currently under-exploited.  With government hiring incentives, low cost loans, tax deductions, and other support, this sector should flourish.


Small business is the US economic backbone.   There are 6 million US small businesses and 21.7 million self employed businesses that:

  • Employ 70 million US citizens
  • Represent 99% of US firms
  • Generate 90+% of all new jobs
  • Pay 45% of total US payroll
  • Produce 13 times more patents than large firms
  • Produce 30% of all exports


These small businesses and self employed businesses produce $6 trillion annual revenues, which equates to the 2nd largest economy in the world.


The Jobenomics top initiatives in this important category are: establishing community-based business incubators, incentivizing the growth of women-owned businesses, developing a national direct-care program, developing a real estate owned (REO) private equity/property management initiative, and encouraging the establishment of business ministries.





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